About Sienna

First and foremost what I would like you all to know about me is that I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ! I am so thankSiennaful that He chose to save me at a young age and now everything I do I seek to bring Him glory! My husband and I have been married for a little over a year and we have our first baby on the way! We can’t wait to meet our little guy at the end of this summer. Hanging out with my husband – reading, talking, hiking, or pretty much doing anything is my favorite thing to do! I come from a big family and am very close to them all. Jami Balmet @youngwifesuide is my sister-in-love and I have learned so much about blogging and ministering to others through the written word from her. I have a deep love for the Lord and for the ministry of homemakers. I absolutely love to learn and share encouragement and tips on creating a healthy, thriving home! I am sometimes known as a little bit of a health nut 😉 and I think that the ability to provide my family with nutritious, yummy meals is vital!


Why did I start Homemaking From Scratch? I have a passion for homemaking, living healthy, and serving the Lord! I know that as women, we have a responsibility to manage and look after our households and I desire to do that well!

We are called to provide our families with a healthy environment. And I think it is never too early for girls to begin learning these skills! So this blog is for single women, wives, & mothers! Anyone with a heart for keeping the home and a desire to learn and share with me in this journey!

Thankfully, leaning how to make things naturally can be a lot of fun! I really enjoy leaning with my family (my dad is a bit of a health nut as well 😉 So, see if you can find a sister, mother, or friend to learn with or just dive right into it yourself! I pray that this blog blesses you and aids you in your journey to becoming an efficient homemaker from scratch! :)

I have a passion for serving the Lord and Biblical Natural Homemaking



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